For eligibility to take various examinations of the University each student is required to attend at least two-third (67%) of the lectures as well as tutorials/preceptorials separately in aggregate during the course of the academic year/semester. In the case of Honours students, they are required to attend two-third of the lectures in the qualifying language course also separately. Exigencies of any situation will be considered by the Principal in accordance with the rules of the University. Students are advised in their own interest to check up periodically with their teachers and college office about their attendance position. The month wise attendance record is displayed on the notice board at the end of the current month. The criteria of lecture-attendance also applies to failed students, who are appearing as regular college students. A special fine or other penalty may be imposed on students who are persistently irregular in attendance. Application with medical certificate and fitness will be entertained only if it is submitted within 15 Days of rejoining the classes.