The NSS Unit of college has over the years served as a helping hand to the college and the society. We work for and with the college and its various parts such as administration, teaching faculty and students.

  • We work together for harmonising the society and encourage others for social service.
  • We have conducted several programmes and events such as: Cleanliness Drives, Cancer Awareness Programmes, Blood Donation Camps, Anti-Drug Abuse Act, Unity Day and various other programmes which has resulted fruitful for us.
  • The dedication and team work is very evident as we have been able to accomplish these events over the years.
  • But without the guidance of our Principle, teachers and other staff members this could have not been possible.

    The main motive of NSS (National Social Service) has been fully justified by our team.


    The main motive of NSS is:



    Program Officer                            Student Coordinator
    DR. Meena Sharma                        1. Aditya Kumar 7053077342
                                                            2. Ravi               7530908400
                                                            3. Kuldeep          8800349615
                                                            4. Ankit Singh   9958676998