Department of Physical Education & Sports


The P.G.D.A.V College (EVE) was started in the year 1958.    The college has glorious history of Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Athletic, Judo, Wresting, Weightlifting sports etc. Currently 16 teams of different Sports & Game are participating in the Sports Competitions from the college. The college offers Sports scholarships for position holders in Delhi University inter college sports and game tournaments and also provide Sports kit, Track suit, and high quality of sports equipments to sports students. To understand theory & Practical part of Physical Education & Sports, the college is teaching subject in B.A (Prog) 3rd year, an application course. Currently 15 students have opted for the subject.

Through Physical Education & Sports, we understand the different systems of the body and effects of exercise on them. The Physical Activity as Sports helps the student in psychosocial development and development of Relationship, Sportsmanship, Self Esteem, Leadership and Emotional Control. It encourages the students to participate in Physical Activity as Sports for Health, Fitness and all round development of the Personality of the students.  The aims of the department of Physical Education & Sports are to Motivate the Students for Optimal Performance in the Sports Competitions, enhance the knowledge of the health nutrition, diet, Components, history, rules, strategies, equipment, safety Measures of various Physical and sports Activities.  Department of Physical Education has following future plan:-

To start Physical Education Subject in CBCS Programe for First Year students.

To motivate more students to take part in the college sports Activities through one on one or group discussion and organize more and more inter class sports Competitions.

To organize lectures, Workshop & Seminars on Physical Education & Sports and Yoga.

The students who want join the above mention programme are welcome in department.
Dr. Parmod Kumar Sethi
Teacher Incharge
Department of Physical Education & Sports